Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Charlie Brown Tree

Every year we head out to Santa's Pride Tree farm in Bruce Twp to cut down our fabulous 12-14 foot Fraser Fir!  Sam found the the of an old tree laying on the ground.  He used it as a sword and a gun while we hunted from our tree.  I thought it was the perfect specimen for a CRAFT project!  ONE YEAR LATER, it appears to be done!

Materials and Technique:
1.  Martha Stewart glitter and Mod Podge.  I LOVE both!  I painfully applied glue and glitter to the tree.  I managed to get it all over my nice granite counter tops too.  Next time, lots of newspaper!
2.  Floral Foam at the bottom of the pot.  I shoved the tree into it, but not all the way through, as it will not stand straight.  I learned that on my first attempt.  Good thing I bought 3 bricks!  (I also met the nicest Meijer employee that day!)
3.  Fish Tank gravel filled in the empty spaces around the floral foam.  It provides weight and beauty!  
4.  Pottery Barn ornaments that I got on super clearance last year!  They are perfect for the delicate tree.
5.  Hot Glue gun, LOVE that too!  Glued pine cones to the pine tree!  I think it adds a lot to it!
5.  The pot was sitting in the garage collecting dirt and dead bugs.  My husband did not like the pot and it's original off-greenish color.  I got out the SPRAY PAINT, which I also LOVE!  Rustoleum Colonial Red is it's new color.  Rustoleum is the ONLY brand to use.  Not much dripping and great coverage!  
6.  Sandpaper.  It was used to 'antique' the pot.  It brought out some of the original color.  I love making things looked aged with sandpaper and stain!  However, I knew stain would not dry fast enough (or at all?)!
7.  We put rocks, pine cones, glass stones etc inside the pot to add more fun elements!  

Time to DISPLAY!  It turned out pretty good, but not quite as I had imagined!  I think my husband thinks I am crazy!  Crafting is great therapy!

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